Our adventure

Family adventures

There’s more than one family behind Les Entrées de la Mer.

Especially created for you, someone who only wants the very best for your family, someone who cherishes those moments, big and small, when you all sit down together, we bring you our ready-prepared dishes.

Dishes you’ll be proud serve at your table, dishes that will remind everyone just how good it is to be together.

Who could be better placed to understand the needs of your family than another large family?

Well, we’re not just one but several families behind Les Entrées de la Mer. And no fewer than seven family members work here: mother, father, son, wife, brother, cousin, nephew… every family tie is represented here.

Their loyalty to the business is evident from their many years of service and they all harbour a commitment to this great adventure to share with you their values of generosity, simplicity and caring. These kith and kin are working for yours.