Our commitments

9 Commitments


To share our tempting products

Because we’re convinced that a meal is appreciated by sight first of all, we want to guarantee that all the products that leave our spacious kitchen are visually appetising. Which is why every batch is inspected before being released for sale.


To share our delicious products

Because cuisine is first and foremost a harmonious mix of tastes, we want to guarantee that all our products have a unique taste. Which is why Jérôme Dubois, our Meilleur Ouvrier de France award holding chef, has oversight over our recipes. What’s more, we taste every product batch ourselves before it leaves our spacious kitchen.


To share our passion

Because our expertise in sea products is unique. We want to share not only our passion with you but also our know-how in the art of cooking, eating and presenting fish… to create moments of family togetherness.


To respect the sea

Because we want to ensure an environmentally responsible supply of sea products, we have made the decision to prioritise ASC (sustainable aquaculture), MSC (sustainable fishing) and LR (Label Rouge) products. We also want to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans and so we have opted for recyclable materials for our packagings. In addition, we have implemented a waste reduction initiative with local associations so that our unsold goods can still benefit those in need.


To respect our consumers

Do you want to see more decipherable lists of ingredients on the products you buy? So do we! So, we have decided to eliminate all preservatives, additives and artificial flavours from our recipes. What’s more, we also adapt the composition of our recipes to ensure that our products are not only healthy but tasty too. We are constantly trying to improve (our objective is to obtain Yuka’s green rating on all our products).


To respect our customers

It is through our valued customers that we are able to distribute our products, be they big supermarket and hypermarket names or out-of-home catering wholesalers. We owe them a lot, which is why we have committed to transparency, in order to foster and maintain relationships of trust. We are focused on long-term partnerships, which is why our guiding principles have not changed for 20 years: love of work well done and the determination to always do better.


To be the most creative in our field: processed fresh sea products

We believe that fish has it all. Yet it is still not given pride of place in many homes. This is why our chefs – including our talented MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) chef – spend every day inventing, tasting and preparing recipes, performing incredible feats of culinary prowess in order to tantalise your taste buds and your interest. The perfect recipe for highly colourful meals. Today, no fewer than 80 new recipes are developed every year. We want to enhance sea products, working with renewed enthusiasm every day to offer recipes of ever greater originality. In addition to our meal recipes, we adapt our products to your changing needs such as snacking and on-the-go eating, to make sea products something for consumers to enjoy every day.


To be creative through collaboration

Our aim is to invite the sea into your everyday meals and we believe that we can be more creative together. So in order to communicate with you we have introduced platforms for exchange on social networks. Share your ideas with us, and we’ll let you know if we can turn them into reality!


To be creative through agility

We are an SME which places us at an advantage. We are able to make decisions quickly and we are responsive. We are at the cutting edge of culinary trends, so we can offer you modern products that are in keeping with the times, healthy and full of flavour.