Our adventure

Our history

Our origins

lie in the world

of fishing

and fish.

Our history goes back to 1984, the year our company was founded.

Les Entrées de la Mer was initially created by a famous Boulogne wholesale fish trading group, as a way of diversifying its business.

So we are not new to the sea! In fact, before becoming processors, we were wholesale fish traders. Our origins lie in the world of fishing and fish.

Having unfailing respect for the sea, we took the decision to prioritise sustainable resources and adopt an eco-responsible approach to our activities.

A new page in our history has been written in 2020: one generation is leaving us making way for the new guard! Its mission: to bring you the riches of the sea at their very best, to make every one of your meals a special occasion.

Establishment of the company "Les Entrées de la Mer".
The company is taken over by Guy et Jocelyne Farrugia.
A new team
A new generation takes the company's helm. The Farrugia sons (Julien and Antoine) partner with the employees to perpetuate the family business.